Truly Global M2M connectivity

Global businesses need access to global data. Every single day companies require a truly global machine-to-machine (M2M) network to maximize efficiencies and competitiveness and enable data accessibility anywhere.

With a no-compromise communications model, our M2M powers new innovation and opportunity through a unique combination of global network connectivity, industry-leading core technology and an ecosystem of partners with expertise in virtually every market.


Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD)

Our Osprey family offers full solutions that are ready-to-deploy to Track, Monitor, and Control your assets. Small solutions complete with internal batteries for backup and powerful input/output control. Internal or external antenna options are available. In addition, we have data plans, server applications, and powerful partners for mapping your assets. 




Fully ready to go, you can be testing in less than 15 minutes with the Osprey TMC. Based upon the Iridium 9602 Modem (short burst data) it is fully functional and application ready. Weatherproof enclosure, enclosed battery, Analog and Digital I/O, USB

Inmarsat M2M

For larger data applications, or VSAT backup (backhaul), we love the Hughes 9502 Solution. From a simple terminal to solutions with data and server applications, we can help. Click below to learn more.