Rapid Deployment Asset Protection System (RDAPS)


The perfect choice for crime prevention and evidence gathering in remote locations

The Rapid Deployment Asset Protection System (RDAPS) is an innovative, fully-integrated, self-contained, compact, turnkey and rapidly deployable mobile surveillance solution proven to both prevent crime and facilitate prosecution whenever a crime occurs.

GGC partners for RDAPS the First and Only British manufacturer of Rapid Deployment Asset Protection Systems to be awarded the internationally recognised Secured by Design accreditation: the Association of Chief Police Officers’ initiative to ‘design out crime’."

RDAPS includes a high-definition camera system of evidential quality and a self-contained high-definition NVR platform with full video analytics capabilities, fully integrated 2-way audio and alarms, fully capable of delivering extensive building site and major events security.

Featuring a rugged, weather and vandal-proof design, RDAPS is the ideal CCTV security monitoring and recording system for remote sites and trouble hotspots, delivering enhanced remote situational awareness, as well as real and actionable remote assessment of the targeted protection area.

RDAPS has been designed to protect assets located in vulnerable or remote locations, where current constraints exist due to a lack of power and/or communications. The system is equipped with a Solar/Wind Turbine charged battery system, as well as multiple wireless communication platforms (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, etc.)

The Rapid Deployment Asset Protection System is totally transportable and can be re-deployed as frequently as required on multiple sites. Our unique purpose built tower provides a platform which transports the system from site to site and when in ‘deployed-mode’ forms a self-contained secure working platform, functioning as a fully integrated remote video system.

Who can benefit?

  • Construction/Building Sites
  • Utilities
  • Local authorities
  • Temporary guarded areas/ compounds
  • Remote location (e.g Farms, fuel stores)
  • Law enforcement
  • Events (e.g. Festival security,carnivals, sports events)

CCTV Mobile Rapid Deployment Portable Camera

GGC’s mobile Rapid Deploy CCTV system is perfect for rapid deployment and portable applications. The solution is packaged into a peli-case which can be carried anywhere and deployed within 5 minutes.

The built in battery system has an operational capability of up to 24 hours under normal use when fully charged.

This system can be complimented by our Facial Recognition system which can be run directly from the camera so can be utilised in “funnelled” viewing areas ie Customs, check in and many others.

With built in Wi-Fi modules you can seamlessly transmit the live image via the local network to anywhere in the world and can remote view the live footage from your control centre.