At Go Global Comms we provide end to end connectivity solutions that allow our customers to transport both voice and  data from anywhere in the world securely and efficiently. Our extensive expertise in telecommunications allows us to offer our customers the right solution for any situation. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver complex hybrid solutions, a truly end to end global approach that ensures your voice and data gets to where you need it, whatever the technology.

We provide telecommunications solutions to customers whether that be commercial, private or mission critical voice and data to meet your requirements.

Introducing Iridium PTT

Built for Push-To-Talk For team communications, the Iridium Extreme® PTT is ruggedly engineered to support high intensity users in some of the harshest conditions, everywhere on the planet. Enhanced with an intelligently designed Push-to-Talk mode, expanded loudspeaker, reinforced PTT button, and extended capacity battery, the Iridium Extreme® PTT takes reliable, global communications to the next level. The intuitive, user interface provides quick access to multiple communication services including voice calling, SMS, and SOS in Phone Mode and PTT Mode, allowing you to connect with your team instantly and securely, anywhere on the planet.

Satellite Connectivity

Servicing customers on land and at sea, Go Global Comms brings high speed broadband to a number clients across a number of sectors including commercial maritime, oil & gas, mining and SME's.

Go Global Comms has a partner network of a number of teleports allowing for trully global connectivity for our clients. Utilising the latest technology along with system integration services our services offer some of the fastest internet speeds available.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Solutions

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication over satellite is growing rapidly. This is because assets can be far away from communication that depend upon wireless, mobile and cell networks. Simplicity and reliability are key here. We can help with hardware, data plans, server applications, tracking–data and position, with single or group email alerts. Track, Monitor and Control assets anywhere on earth. Contact us now.


We have Operations and Architecture experts in all levels of wireless and IP based telecommunications systems and service delivery platforms. We also have recognised experts in Global Communications, with consultants on ICU, GSMa and UWCC working groups.


With the capacity to work with single channel niche market content providers, all the way to large multichannel operators, we can cater for your broadcasting needs in the areas of DTH and Multiplexing, Distribution and Playout, and Turnaround Services.