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About Us

At Go Global Comms, we are dedicated to bringing  High quality telecommunications and technology solutions to our customers. Since early 2013, we have been providing Telecommunications and technology solutions to our customers across the globe, all of our solutions are designed to meet the customer requirements. We have earned a reputation for delivering dependable solutions to where our customers need them most. We pride ourselves in having over 30 years experience in the sectors we provide solutions to and have a base of customers 

Whether you are an individual, small business or Enterprise customer Contact us today to find out how Go Global Comms can help you with your telecommunications and technology challenge.



Go Global Comms have been providing cost effective telecommunications solutions and services of the highest quality to our customers since 2013 using the most innovative technology in the market. We understand that your requirements will be unique and our flexibility and innovation is sure to meet your needs.


Go Global Comms CCTV solutions can operate as either a standalone system or can be integrated with previously installed Go Global Comms Access Control or Visitor Management products to provide a fully integrated surveillance network.
Go Global Comms CCTV solutions are designed to the customer requirements and
include multi-channel video surveillance systems that utilises the most advanced compression technologies to provide the highest picture quality and video recording performance.

Facial Recognition

For the ultimate in security control, Go Global Comms facial recognition system offers
guaranteed authentication of a user’s identity when attempting to access secure areas.
Powered by proprietary system design and proven near-infrared facial recognition technologies, Go Global Comms facial recognition system provides superior accuracy and reliability over other facial recognition systems. User recognition is not hampered by changes in a person’s hairstyle or the use of make-up as these factors are filtered out by the use of infrared technology.  

Access Control

The Go Global Comms Access control systems streamlined to meet your day-to-day Security Operations requirements with our Secure and Reliable IP Access Control System. Our systems are fully integrated with your existing software to control all your doors, gates, barriers and Turnstiles. There are a number of options available with GGC including Advanced Contact/less Smart Cards, Biometrics, Facial Recognition and ANPR Readers. With our systems you can have full control over who is allowed access through any controlled point - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year

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